Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is an invite to all those in Hong Kong whom Love Yoga, or just keep wondering Why Yoga?

Hi this is Lawrence-Jacob Milman, I was formally a Full time teacher @ Pure Yoga in Hong Kong. When Pure and I couldn't come to an agreement to renew my contract after three years, I made the decision to stay in Hong Kong and continue teaching. Since returning to HK after a teaching in Canada in July and August, and a brief travel through Northern India, I returned and began in my new position as Program Director with the Re-ignite/Asia Consciousness Festival (the website will launch this later this week, I'll post it here as soon as it does), Began my private practice(under Pure contract, we can't teach yoga outside the studio schedule), and about to sign on as a Resident Teacher with Desa Seni village resort in Bali ( for late in 2010.

With all that happening, I have wanted to teach group classes in HK, so I found a Cozy Apartment that is currently used for meditation and healing workshops by practitioners Brought in by the New Age Shop/Book Store.

7 old Bailey street between the Flyin Pan and the New Age Shop/bookstore in Central.

This space is now home to The Freedom Yoga Project, so far all classes are taught by me, :), I'd like to open up the space for more teachers, as the classes and demand call for it.
This is my invitation to you and your friends, to come and practice with no memberships, and lots of attention, First class free, limited space its an 8 mat limit in the room.

New York city feel for Yoga, in Hong Kong, sweet view, and it's for the Yoga.

the current Schedule is

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -12:15 pm classes
Tuesday and Thursday- 5:45pm classes
In October I'm teaching a Sunday 3:30 class as well

all classes are all levels
first class is free
180 HKD after that
we have mats, but feel free to bring your own

book ahead by calling (852) 2810-8694
if you have any questions email

see you on the mat
and Rock-OM

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