Sunday, December 25, 2011

what is this Beyond?

I remember the beginning of this very blog in June 2009, as I was embarking on the creation of Freedom Yoga while in Hong Kong. The purpose of this Blogs birth was to understand what I was doing, this blog has become many things since.

Today I wish to again understand what it is I'm doing. The science of the world that has so deeply enriched my teaching and empowered my personal practice with meaning, is still science at the end of the day. Now as deep as science is and as interesting as it tends to be(at least to me), I find that I'm caught up in this land of intellectual entertainment. I find nothing wrong with entertainment, yet I find that this circle goes nowhere, we reach depths, curious points and connections, and always, always there is no end point, we will always go deeper, and we will always remain incomplete.

I could end the Blog right here, at a point that sounds aimless...but I won't, I'll deepen yet again, as I smile at myself for knowing better.

I keep coming back to this exchange from the writings of Paulo Coelho -‘I’ve been through all this before,’ he says to his heart.
‘Yes, you have been through all this before,’ replies his heart. ‘But you have never been beyond it.’

That's where I stop to listen to my Heart... a pause, a moment to acknowledge that yes there is a heart to converse with, and then listen to this electro-magnetic centerpiece of my personal experience.

Repose and return to the have been through all this before,’ replies his heart. ‘But you have never been beyond it

what is this 'Beyond it?' digs and discovers, the spiralic nature of nature endlessly continues, technology will advance, Human bodies will strengthen, become more flexible, quicken and so on. These are all examples of going though an experience or experiment...

I've come to a conclusion, a conclusion that is in flux like all that is true in the realm of form, that to 'go Beyond' is outside of a strategy, or a road map, it lives in the swampy reality of the serene Bliss of the heart-

Explanation, why I would consider the serene bliss of the heart a swampy reality. Serene refers to a calm peacefulness, so where does swampy fit in, well we are talking the heart, the bliss center, the dream weaver part of self, or collective that has a message to share that is outside of pragmatics...we are not robots, I'm not, I can not follow a recipe to happiness. But I can except that my stillness, my peace, my rare calm when it arises if I hold on to it, will sooner or later reveal an antithesis to serenity a fear, pain, a revelation of an inner yes i can go through it, for my practice has relentlessly presented the same scratching of the surface to me, under different disguises, a plethora of methods, a gamut of different hues within the same method, but to go beyond it, is to dive into the muck, the muddy waters to swim through the slug and have no expectations that there is a treasure at the other end, to 'go beyond' is to sign up for the fiery transformation, and allow for the fire to burn you to 'go beyond' is to know your heart so deeply that walking the tight rope of the sharpest razors edge is no match for your knowing of the bliss that vibrates within you... and do all of this with the composure of serenity...
Holding space for your dragons fire that burns within you.
that is holding space for the possibility of 'going beyond'

Once we begin to go beyond then we start again, only from a brand new starting point.

The Project.
Lawrence J

Friday, November 11, 2011


there is an emerging energy that is about to become discovered on a major scale, the energetics that we experience is about to become the next paradigm of how we see the world... feel the world...experience the world...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Edmonton Schedule from here on in....

Today's Kula practice @ shanti was a blast!!!!!
here's the rest...

Tonight Oct 18 @ Noorish the Yoga of Science...the Brain 7:15pm

WED Oct 19 9:00am HathaFlow and 12noon hotflow both @ Yoga Life Studios
also 'The Den' @ 5:15PM

Fri Oct 21 9:30am Hatha Flow and 8:30pm Upside down!!!!! Both @ Life yoga studios

Sun Oct 23 Restorative with Jana @ Prana 7am
also on Oct 23!!
Teaching Authentically Yoga Life Studios 3-6pm***come to this!!!!

Mon Oct 24 Hot flow L2 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm Hot Flow both at Yoga Life studios

Tues Oct 25 The yoga of Science In Action 'the gravity enigma'

See you soon!!!:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


things to do...
teach @ 7:15am northshoreelements....
take sjnnae's class...
Christine's class
return rental car...
rebekka's class
...and pat Andy on the back...
email angel, make a Bali...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jet Lagg- in the middle of the night poerty.

Jet Lagg

Can't sleep in the pitch black, heart beats, write back.

"I'll be right back", what's app, skype can't feel the lack, roll over on the mat.
Back bends, my heart sends,
Vibrations, holding hands.
Mind bends, more then just friends,
downloads can convert nerve paths.

Can SMS, but instead, stewing in the soup of the world ends.
Back to the breath, can use a friend.
@3am mind tends to die deaths, die deaths till the kid ends.

"Will the Kid end? Why kill kids, Ben?"

"'Cause they have no place in the world with,
reaching out and no love sent."

"But Ben, kids can imagine like no gent, twist perception till she gives again,
Man tends to see ends, to collapse and let pains land"

"hmmmm... pains like sand, in an hour glass, man's right!" the kid says "the sand ends. right Ben?" see right then, in that moment the kid can.

the Kid can be the man, and this is how he finds his way back to bed again.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I can't wait to put this in the room, on the Mat. We have limited time, 90 min a day for 5 days, to create a shift. See what works for you and then Embody it.
it's such a special process

FEB 14th-18th
5 day Intensive
$1000/5 classes

Saturday, February 5, 2011

So much yesterday...Bali brings out

on a special night under the Bali Stars, I was so excited to hear this song be played by the DJ...I love the feeling that comes with this song/movie for me.
it is my childhood, in a capsule

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tony Robbins teaches that part of living your dreams happens after the dream is realized, as a seed to the next dream realized. 'To celebrate' as a verb to train your brain to feel pleasure, so your subconscious knows you got what you wanted.

While I'm celebrating in HK, here's the dream, I've completely been swept away by my Bali experience, I'm re-surfacing with a series of posts that start with this...

...First off teaching @ Desa Seni is special, so much so a part of me wants to keep it a secret, it's at that point that Ricki martin was at before he stepped on stage at the Grammies in 99, polished, professional, remarkable, but still relatively unknown, with the shift of one moment in time, he becomes recognizable as a top name in the industry. regardless of how much you ever cared about Ricki martin; we're moments away from this man made Village in Canguu on the Island of Bali, to emerge as the pioneer in Yoga Training Culture.

Vibe is fresh, vibrant, with a luxurious grit.
It is a humbling honor to have taught in a space that is so alive, the studio is a roof top, where Geckos normally peer down from the rafters in the ceiling, the walls are a botany scene, leaves of the tropics, Red bamboo looking on, papaya trees, it's unreal, and simple at the same time.

The Students are a rainbow of UN flags, in one class you'll find Brita from Germany, Svyetlana a Ukrainian, Brad an Auzzie Surfer, Mafalda from Portugal, Tanu from Austria, with KULA staples sprinkled throughout, you can count on Martina, a Canadian to be anchoring the room in the back corner and the front row is regularly inhabited by the traveled artist responsible for DS,Tom. It's all Good, and ready for a star Burst, Loved it there. So much so, I'm Back teaching there in Two weeks.

Check out