Sunday, December 19, 2010

check this out!!

I've never been to this studio in NYC, but two serious Yogi's and good friends of mine graduated from the sonic teacher training once upon a time; Toronto Studio owner Sari Nisker, and Prana flow gal from Vancouver Clara Roberts-Oss...
watch this:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

The cap off to the Liberation to Manifestation Intensive last week. Patrick Haley and I went of a Urban Yogic Journey.

Freedom Yoga Project is Back with Intensive programs starting JAN 31st 2011, @ 7 old Bailey central HK.

The next 10 day Urban cleanse program is ready to Go as well, March 7th new date

email inquiries to: for details

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Heart Warriors the Year End intensive. freedom Yoga

The ideal situation for really understanding another is not so much how a person reacts to extreme stress, but rather how he or she suffers the vulnerability of falling in Love.- Aldo Carontenuto

I have some amazingly brave souls that are continuously showing up to meet a deeper part of themselves everyday.
With my trip to Bali approaching fast, I put together a special 5 day year end Journey called 'From Liberation to Manifestation', a trip through your Chakras to materialize your life.

Developed with the year end in mind, this is an express intensive, 5, 1 hour classes dedicated to opening up the group and individual perspective in time to get the most of the transition into 2011.

On day one we vibrated through the Crown and Third Eye Chakra's, Journalling about that which we know yet still choose to ignore, the asana was strong and led to head stand at the end.

Day two we moved through our throats and our expressive truth, the 5th Chakra. Toasted Legs, and cooled it all down with some lions breaths, explored anger, as I personalized by sharing some angry moments/perspectives I held as an employee with Pure Yoga, and how the company at least while I was under contract treated staff.

Tomorrow is the third of 5 days. Anahata, the heart Chakra, my favourite.
Tomorrow's 12:30 pm class will end with a process I love to do called 'Heart staking.'

In the weeks ahead what to Look forward to:
-The Last three days of Liberation to Manifestation
-teaching In Bali
-I'm Writing an article for a Yoga Magazine about the Master cleanse/Yoga program
-More About Ana Forrest Advanced TT
-More about Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within and the personal development industry
-Video Blogging

Rock OM

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turning 2010 on it's head.

this last month has been incredible!!!
busy as well.
Oct 17-28 I led a 10 day master cleanse/yoga Program, awesome experience!!!

Oct 29-31 travelled 2 Toronto, taught 2 workshops in my home town and led a special Teaching Authentically talk with 25 of Toronto's top inspiring yoga teachers @ Kula Yoga Annex.
with no time to spare;

Nov 1st I jumped the Canada/U.S. border and landed in NYC, where I did something I've always wanted to do:

Nov 4-7 A seminar Called 'Unleash the Power Within' with Anthony Robbins, what a trip, I will get into this in greater detail in an upcoming blog entry.

Nov 10Th I returned to HK in time for the Asia Spa Awards, fun night!
and with jet lag still looming on Nov 13Th presented at the 2Nd Annual Asia Consciousness Festival, great event put together by Dr.Gino Yu and team.
I also participated in 3 inspiring workshops Joseph Lee's Storytelling, Joakim de Posada's don't eat the Marshmallow...yet! and Greg Hart's Creating Consciously.
Before the festival ended, Nov 20th I was on the Mat for my second time around with Ana Forrest; the yoga genius was in HK holding her Advanced teacher Training course which I previously completed in 2009 in Cranston, Rhode Island. 9 days of breathing deeply, while my body released mega amounts of emotional, physical, and just plain toxins.

It's non-stop the up coming year has a lot in store,
for the next 2 weeks, I'll be slowing down (slightly), teaching open classes at 7 Old Bailey Street, working with my Private Clients on their year ahead plans.
training teachers for programs that are up coming in 2011.
and on December 10Th I fly off to Bali to honor an agreement I made with Desa Seni Village Resort where I'm excited to be teaching a full schedule of classes for the Xmas New Years period and beyond.

Freedom Project is Happening.
send all and any feedback and or questions to

The Full Pure-Yoga Story coming shortly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rides of hope | Video on

While I'm Spending these 9 days With Yoga Wonder Woman ANA Forrest, here's a great Video From TEDx ISRAEL
enjoy, it's about the shift into Positive Stamina, that's my Definition of YOGA!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Public "Education" has become indoctrination and distraction

Check out this cool vid. It starts with Erica Goldson’s speech. This girl pulls no punches on what schools aren’t doing for students. After that, RSA Animated apply their illustration wizardry to Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk on changing education paradigms.

Get a visual on the problem – and where to look for solution – then let us know what you think. Do you agree with Erica that the system is designed to build passive compliance in students? Do you think Robinson is right when he says education is alienating millions of kids?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dylpostino - Practice

Check this out, this is my fellow yogi, MC, and Baseball fan Dylan Bernstein on the mic, push it to viral.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Near Death Experience

I've spent many a moment thinking that a near death experience would make me more efficient, interesting, and driven. It would surely make my story marketable and catapult my status to the next level. So earlier today, on route to an evening session with a client, I received my wish; and it was a moment I will never forget.

I was coming off the major pedestrian artery in Hong Kong and as I stepped off the escalator (for non-HKers, this escalator is the longest in the world) on Robinson Rd, I quickly spotted the bus that would take me straight to the front door entrance of my next appointment. As I stepped towards that vehicle across the street, I got side swiped by a green minibus that was turning the corner at the pace of what felt like a jolt into a parallel paradigm. What happened could easily have been prevented; I could have "checked both ways before I crossed" but I didn't - I WALKED INTO A SPEEDING BUS - and my elbow grazed its side. I dropped my cell phone and became a ghost. What's so compelling to me is that nothing changed; from the moment before to the moment after, nothing shifted, except my inner experience.

Life went on in slow motion, not a single person (this happened @ 6:15PM on a Tuesday night in November) acknowledged that the scattering of my cell phone and Immigration papers on the side walk was a split second alternative to my brain and guts. I gathered my belongings and looked both ways, confused by the lack of attention this event was pulling in, and proceeded to the bus across the street, a green minibus.
As the bus drove off, it felt like we were in an off-road vehicle on a never ending rocky terrain. The two minibus rides seemed to last forever. As I was contemplating oral elimination (vomiting), strangely enough, I couldn't seem to understand how I just had the most blessed experience of my life, in the most unbiblical of circumstances.

There was no burning bush, nor parting of the Red Sea;
no Cross or Crucifixion, no holy war,
nothing except, a second chance,
a funny looking green mini bus,
and then another, that got me to where I was going,
without a hitch.

I finally arrived at my client Chris's place and noticed my throbbing elbow. Thankful for that was the only kiss I received, I considered my life minus handstand, and made sure to find movement in both my hand and elbow joint. The turning point of the evening was when Chris said to me: "This is what soldiers in battle feel three times a week". Wow, I saw the face of Ori Perlman, my 17 year-old brother from another mother, who'd decided to join the Israeli Army next summer when he completes high school.

A story came to mind: I've been walking around town, listening to the audio book version of Russell Simmons' Do You. It's a success book geared towards American urban youth from the hip hop mogul. Russell the aspiring Yogi explains how Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now has changed his life, specifically the idea of presence that Mr.Tolle delivers so well. One day, Russell took Puffy/P.Diddy/Sean Combs to a yoga class and after trying to explain this concept of presence to Puffy, who after a difficult time in processing this idea, finally said: "Yes!!! I know it, I feel that every time I get shot at, everything slows down and becomes so real".

For me it was a momentary opportunity to re-evaluate everything, a re-distribution of what is important, I mean a green minibus saved my life.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Power of Intuition...see it

the power of visualisation has changed my life, I took the time to do it, then I realized it changed in my habits, my addictions were falling away, I no longer am a slave to what my mind 'thought' I wanted, but learned truly from my sensitivity what I needed. Imagination, and visualisation have become a pillar in the Freedom Project Process, enjoy the video.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NYC's Finest- Schyuler and Elena Two, One of a KInd.

I would go as far as calling these two women the best yoga teacher's in the world.
Friends, Major Faculty members at Wonderlust Music/Yoga Festival, New York City Yoga Studio Owners, and two BIG Personalities.

At the same time the two couldn't be more different

Elena Brower has, in the last year, emerged as not only the first lady of Anusara Yoga but the Face of Yoga [for women?]. She carries herself like a superstar: she walks into a class, literally, one minute late, slips off her coat and scarf then goes on to teach a well prepared class in her jeans.

On Tuesday, Elena was back in NYC after a Bali retreat. Her class was fresh and compelling, both in sequencing and themeing. She managed to make me feel special - as she always does - even with a room capped at 80-plus. She threw out words like Shit and Fuck to exaggerate strong points but always in an appropriate context; her teaching layered with poetry, emotionality, and basic asana. She chose poses for their ability to annoy and then dedicated them to the self haters in the room. She gracefully went through her notes and pointed out that "how you invite something into your life is exactly how it arrives", linking that to instructions of breathing-in and deepening the challenging poses.

Elena may just be the most relevant yoga teacher on the globe today. She gets it like a New Yorker, whose round-the-clock schedule asks her to preach 'taking a moment'.

Schuyler Grant couldn't be more different.

She may just be the best yoga teacher that no one has heard of, at least outside of New York. In NYC, she just opened her second studio in Williamsberg, that's where I was for her midday Wednesday class. Around 20 people did the creative, unconventional flowy flow that weaves an intelligent alignment with rhythmic movement.

What Grant does, no one else does. She calls her style "Kula Flow", a well thought out yogic movement that is unorthodox at times. She would never admit to enjoying the "shiny happy people approach" of Anusara Yoga, but when you take her class, her alignment is as precise, only you don't notice it because her rhythm is so perfect - she can get you to do anything, It ended up feeling like a dance without it ever leaking into Shiva Rea land of liquid, it was a powerful class throughout.

Her lack of spiritual theming is very honest to her love for keeping it simple. It is obvious her prep is in re-creating the practice. Schuyler is a creative athlete whose sequence is compelling. It captivates all your senses, by conditioning a natural pull towards the next pose. This is a pilgrimage for your body.

Her message is closer to home than Elena's, Schuyler lives in New York, and reeks of it. There's a smidge of tough guy in her attitude that makes her straightforward and inspiring. Her class is advanced and, therefore, limits her ability to reach the level of students that Elena can, but there is no doubt she is Next Level.

For a Spiritual Sweat Schyuler, for an Emotional Journey Elena - these two are Masters of what they do. New York has the two best drop-in yoga classes in the world, as New York Would. Rock-Om rating of 7 out of 5 yes!!! Rock-Om rating of 6 out of 5 yup!

Kula Yoga Annex!!! the Toronto Studio experience Review!!

I just spent the day (Sat Oct 30) teaching two specially designed classes @ Kula Yoga Annex in Toronto. This Studio is very special to me as it embodies so much of what I believe in.

Christi-an Slomka, the Director of the Studio, has put together a space that brings together a raw mix of healing arts: from Reiki Healers that accompany restorative classes, to community acupuncture sessions, mixed in with a regular schedule of popular Anusara Inspired yoga classes, plus hot yoga options throughout each day. The place is a true Yoga studio, there to serve the needs of mostly curious University of Toronto students, and those that share passion for learning. It's a large contrast to Hong Kong's Pure Yoga crowd who has to be coaxed into expressing interest (mostly). 'Expressing' is the power word here; the Kula Annex crowd is hungry for self knowledge, and not ashamed to ask for it.

"Teaching Authentically" was my first seminar-style presentation. We went deep into the steps of rocking a class: from the energetic journey to the personal touch one could give. We easily went over the two-hour scheduled time... this is the beginning of a new kind of continuing education for yoga teachers in the making.

The evening session was a Freedom Project event called "In Rhythm Align - the Art of Moving Through Time". The class was connected and strong. We had my old friend Mike Facciolo, aka Facc, strumming the strings of his guitar and we journaled and sang in savasna ... the class was one of my favourites I've ever taught, with a theme based on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and objects' relationship in space, and how space responds and tells the objects how to be.

Solid time, solid students, solid studio.
check out the sight @

Rock-Om rating: 5 Om's

Next Stop NYC for Kula Yoga Project and Vira Yoga

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bends and Cleanse

click on poster for larger size

I put this program together it's going to be very Awesome
see you on the sat

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is an invite to all those in Hong Kong whom Love Yoga, or just keep wondering Why Yoga?

Hi this is Lawrence-Jacob Milman, I was formally a Full time teacher @ Pure Yoga in Hong Kong. When Pure and I couldn't come to an agreement to renew my contract after three years, I made the decision to stay in Hong Kong and continue teaching. Since returning to HK after a teaching in Canada in July and August, and a brief travel through Northern India, I returned and began in my new position as Program Director with the Re-ignite/Asia Consciousness Festival (the website will launch this later this week, I'll post it here as soon as it does), Began my private practice(under Pure contract, we can't teach yoga outside the studio schedule), and about to sign on as a Resident Teacher with Desa Seni village resort in Bali ( for late in 2010.

With all that happening, I have wanted to teach group classes in HK, so I found a Cozy Apartment that is currently used for meditation and healing workshops by practitioners Brought in by the New Age Shop/Book Store.

7 old Bailey street between the Flyin Pan and the New Age Shop/bookstore in Central.

This space is now home to The Freedom Yoga Project, so far all classes are taught by me, :), I'd like to open up the space for more teachers, as the classes and demand call for it.
This is my invitation to you and your friends, to come and practice with no memberships, and lots of attention, First class free, limited space its an 8 mat limit in the room.

New York city feel for Yoga, in Hong Kong, sweet view, and it's for the Yoga.

the current Schedule is

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday -12:15 pm classes
Tuesday and Thursday- 5:45pm classes
In October I'm teaching a Sunday 3:30 class as well

all classes are all levels
first class is free
180 HKD after that
we have mats, but feel free to bring your own

book ahead by calling (852) 2810-8694
if you have any questions email

see you on the mat
and Rock-OM

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Freedom Yoga Project Begins....

The Yoga Operation @2nd Floor,
7 Old Bailey Street in Central, HK.

First Class Free
- Check in downstairs @ the NAS

The Freedom Yoga Project Begins....
with Lawrence-Jacob Milman;)
Urban Yogic Artist, Prophet, and Transformational GURU

Anusara-inspired alignment to a flow that is technically sharp, yet creatively liberating and physically healing. You can expect to use banda work, pranayama, and source your core in this fluid Yoga experience.
all classes interwoven with Meditation in Motion, an empowering mind/body integration technique that will update your practice to the Urban realities we move through.

Monday 12:15pm 60min/ Tuesday 5:45pm 75min/ Wednesday 12:15pm 60min/
Thursdy 5:45pm 75min/ Friday 12:15pm 60 min/ Saturday 10am 90 min

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE Flush Part 3

here it is...simply the most amazing I've felt in a really long time, day 3 through day 11, with a keen sense of where both my time and energy went, I was able to stay on task. I was as productive as I can remember myself being...ever. Focused to a level where I was just Piercing. In tune with my body, loving the scent of delicious foods, and that being enough to satisfy my craving, no I was not hungry. The time I usually spent strolling to a local deli, for a snack was now spent reading, resting, meditating.( I recently had a conversation with a friend who was toward the tail end of her master cleanse weeks after my completion, I needed advice, she aptly said speak to me I'm so clear right now, call me 'The Oracle", Ha, that's how it felt).
It wasn't all sunshine though, well at least not at first...On day 3 I started, the most uncomfortable part of the cleanse, the salt water flush.
The purpose of this:

salt water has the same consistency as our blood, so, goes in one end and out the other, it should happen within an hour and bring all the back log that has stuck to the walls of the intestines.

It is a chug of 1 litre ( large water bottle) of water and natural sea salt, the first day I did it at night before bed, and went to bed feeling sick, I then began the attempt of dong it first thing in the morning. The drinking of the salt water, was so hard, finishing the bottle was important but nauseating. By day 5 though i figured something out... I had a a song blasting on my speakers, while i was drinking, and like a good timed song on your Ipod during the uphill portion of your Jog, this motivated me to keep drinking,(I made a short play list, put it on repeat, and drank through the salt water) I also realized, a short forward folding and twisting sequence of yoga poses, spend up the process. So, then yes, I ended yup looking forward to the process of the true cleanse portion of the cleanse!!!!!!

the phase out, wasn't as fun...
this to come.
The Power of Positive Feeling

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE Bulk Part 2

Day One-

Drank, juices and soups....but i was in a big adapt to a discipline of not throwing whatever I saw in to my mouth was painful...i got through the day. Day one set up the rest of the cleanse by making it obvious to me - stay away from high energy places, if the room is loud, and full of people not being mindful, it will drain my energy and without food to use as a vice the challenge is like a storm.

Day Two-

I felt more confident, did a super strong 2 hour yoga practice and already was feeling the shift in my body, I was more open, more flexible, as well had the ability to go deep in to challenging poses, and what would have felt painful and intense, felt good, in fact i felt like rubber, (over two months later i still have that sense in my body although i have stiffened up again).
a couple of things happened that i would prepare for next time. First was in the middle of a practice and I had no idea I had a schedule change which had me teaching earlier then usually would have, luckily I was at the studio and was notified so I taught the class, 15 min late start, but taught it. A few hours later I was teaching again, and in the middle of the class I became light headed, and completely forgot where I was in my sequence of poses....scary in front of a full class, but i did save myself by, first putting my self on a mat, and using my body, not my head, and then i taught the class while adjusting students as if I was teaching a private to one person, both grounded me to the point that i finished the class strong.( both amazing tools for nervous teachers as well) Other then those two occurrences, I felt great, wasn't hungry, and always had lots of lemonade to chug....

days 3 through the end to come

the power of positive Feeling

Sunday, May 9, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE EASE IN PART 1

in the summer of 2007 I did it for 4 days... i did i for less then one day in 2008 and 2009. but in 2010 i went the distance, what did i do differently this time then times before?

1. I set a seal tight intention... I placed enough meaning into the my personal reasoning for doing the cleanse that i was unstoppable, and my reason had nothing to do with losing weight, it was about will, and discipline, I wanted to bring in both a greater amount of order and control of my actions into my life.

2. i did it with a partner, very helpful. starting the cleanse with a friend, meaning i was not alone, I had a com rad that would check on me and i would return the favour too. We didn't see each other much, less then our usual outings by allot (there was nowhere we could go that didn't have food), what we did do was have an end of the day check in to discuss the days triumph, and how we now have one less day to go till we could eat.

3 I did the lead in day with juice and soup as my first day, any juice, most soups that felt healthy...this was the hardest day, day one.
4. also i started on a full moon.

these 4 things are what was different then previous times, with that said, sometimes, it's just time, and everything else falls into place, this was one of those things...
12 days later, i walked out of the cleanse a different man...
stay tuned.
the power of positive feeling

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Published in this months Namaskar my article based on my Blog entry the Journey through the Hemispheres.
check it out around HK...Asia...and the world

The Power of Positive Feeling

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....

More to come but in the mean time.....
the moment I broke the 10 day Fast....
yummy...real food, the next morning i felt explosion bubbling up in my tummy. the details of the ease in, the bulk of the cleanse and walking my way out of the first journey though the Master of eating nothing for 10 day.

the power of positive feeling