Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE Flush Part 3

here it is...simply the most amazing I've felt in a really long time, day 3 through day 11, with a keen sense of where both my time and energy went, I was able to stay on task. I was as productive as I can remember myself being...ever. Focused to a level where I was just Piercing. In tune with my body, loving the scent of delicious foods, and that being enough to satisfy my craving, no I was not hungry. The time I usually spent strolling to a local deli, for a snack was now spent reading, resting, meditating.( I recently had a conversation with a friend who was toward the tail end of her master cleanse weeks after my completion, I needed advice, she aptly said speak to me I'm so clear right now, call me 'The Oracle", Ha, that's how it felt).
It wasn't all sunshine though, well at least not at first...On day 3 I started, the most uncomfortable part of the cleanse, the salt water flush.
The purpose of this:

salt water has the same consistency as our blood, so, goes in one end and out the other, it should happen within an hour and bring all the back log that has stuck to the walls of the intestines.

It is a chug of 1 litre ( large water bottle) of water and natural sea salt, the first day I did it at night before bed, and went to bed feeling sick, I then began the attempt of dong it first thing in the morning. The drinking of the salt water, was so hard, finishing the bottle was important but nauseating. By day 5 though i figured something out... I had a a song blasting on my speakers, while i was drinking, and like a good timed song on your Ipod during the uphill portion of your Jog, this motivated me to keep drinking,(I made a short play list, put it on repeat, and drank through the salt water) I also realized, a short forward folding and twisting sequence of yoga poses, spend up the process. So, then yes, I ended yup looking forward to the process of the true cleanse portion of the cleanse!!!!!!

the phase out, wasn't as fun...
this to come.
The Power of Positive Feeling

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE Bulk Part 2

Day One-

Drank, juices and soups....but i was in a big adapt to a discipline of not throwing whatever I saw in to my mouth was painful...i got through the day. Day one set up the rest of the cleanse by making it obvious to me - stay away from high energy places, if the room is loud, and full of people not being mindful, it will drain my energy and without food to use as a vice the challenge is like a storm.

Day Two-

I felt more confident, did a super strong 2 hour yoga practice and already was feeling the shift in my body, I was more open, more flexible, as well had the ability to go deep in to challenging poses, and what would have felt painful and intense, felt good, in fact i felt like rubber, (over two months later i still have that sense in my body although i have stiffened up again).
a couple of things happened that i would prepare for next time. First was in the middle of a practice and I had no idea I had a schedule change which had me teaching earlier then usually would have, luckily I was at the studio and was notified so I taught the class, 15 min late start, but taught it. A few hours later I was teaching again, and in the middle of the class I became light headed, and completely forgot where I was in my sequence of poses....scary in front of a full class, but i did save myself by, first putting my self on a mat, and using my body, not my head, and then i taught the class while adjusting students as if I was teaching a private to one person, both grounded me to the point that i finished the class strong.( both amazing tools for nervous teachers as well) Other then those two occurrences, I felt great, wasn't hungry, and always had lots of lemonade to chug....

days 3 through the end to come

the power of positive Feeling

Sunday, May 9, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE EASE IN PART 1

in the summer of 2007 I did it for 4 days... i did i for less then one day in 2008 and 2009. but in 2010 i went the distance, what did i do differently this time then times before?

1. I set a seal tight intention... I placed enough meaning into the my personal reasoning for doing the cleanse that i was unstoppable, and my reason had nothing to do with losing weight, it was about will, and discipline, I wanted to bring in both a greater amount of order and control of my actions into my life.

2. i did it with a partner, very helpful. starting the cleanse with a friend, meaning i was not alone, I had a com rad that would check on me and i would return the favour too. We didn't see each other much, less then our usual outings by allot (there was nowhere we could go that didn't have food), what we did do was have an end of the day check in to discuss the days triumph, and how we now have one less day to go till we could eat.

3 I did the lead in day with juice and soup as my first day, any juice, most soups that felt healthy...this was the hardest day, day one.
4. also i started on a full moon.

these 4 things are what was different then previous times, with that said, sometimes, it's just time, and everything else falls into place, this was one of those things...
12 days later, i walked out of the cleanse a different man...
stay tuned.
the power of positive feeling

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Published in this months Namaskar my article based on my Blog entry the Journey through the Hemispheres.
check it out around HK...Asia...and the world

The Power of Positive Feeling

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....

More to come but in the mean time.....
the moment I broke the 10 day Fast....
yummy...real food, the next morning i felt explosion bubbling up in my tummy. the details of the ease in, the bulk of the cleanse and walking my way out of the first journey though the Master of eating nothing for 10 day.

the power of positive feeling