Thursday, February 3, 2011


Tony Robbins teaches that part of living your dreams happens after the dream is realized, as a seed to the next dream realized. 'To celebrate' as a verb to train your brain to feel pleasure, so your subconscious knows you got what you wanted.

While I'm celebrating in HK, here's the dream, I've completely been swept away by my Bali experience, I'm re-surfacing with a series of posts that start with this...

...First off teaching @ Desa Seni is special, so much so a part of me wants to keep it a secret, it's at that point that Ricki martin was at before he stepped on stage at the Grammies in 99, polished, professional, remarkable, but still relatively unknown, with the shift of one moment in time, he becomes recognizable as a top name in the industry. regardless of how much you ever cared about Ricki martin; we're moments away from this man made Village in Canguu on the Island of Bali, to emerge as the pioneer in Yoga Training Culture.

Vibe is fresh, vibrant, with a luxurious grit.
It is a humbling honor to have taught in a space that is so alive, the studio is a roof top, where Geckos normally peer down from the rafters in the ceiling, the walls are a botany scene, leaves of the tropics, Red bamboo looking on, papaya trees, it's unreal, and simple at the same time.

The Students are a rainbow of UN flags, in one class you'll find Brita from Germany, Svyetlana a Ukrainian, Brad an Auzzie Surfer, Mafalda from Portugal, Tanu from Austria, with KULA staples sprinkled throughout, you can count on Martina, a Canadian to be anchoring the room in the back corner and the front row is regularly inhabited by the traveled artist responsible for DS,Tom. It's all Good, and ready for a star Burst, Loved it there. So much so, I'm Back teaching there in Two weeks.

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  1. Wow! An amazing experience having LJ here, adding to the passion of the students, the teachers and the place. How lucky we are to all find each other in this time, place, evolution. Thank you from the Desa Seni Kula for all you bring, share, teach and inspire. See you soon!

  2. Very thanks for this nice blog. These pictures and your beautiful blog are inspiring me to have hatha yoga teacher training. I always wished to attend it.I think its right time for this. So that I might also create the beautiful environment as you have, for my students.

    Wins Honey