Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jet Lagg- in the middle of the night poerty.

Jet Lagg

Can't sleep in the pitch black, heart beats, write back.

"I'll be right back", what's app, skype can't feel the lack, roll over on the mat.
Back bends, my heart sends,
Vibrations, holding hands.
Mind bends, more then just friends,
downloads can convert nerve paths.

Can SMS, but instead, stewing in the soup of the world ends.
Back to the breath, can use a friend.
@3am mind tends to die deaths, die deaths till the kid ends.

"Will the Kid end? Why kill kids, Ben?"

"'Cause they have no place in the world with,
reaching out and no love sent."

"But Ben, kids can imagine like no gent, twist perception till she gives again,
Man tends to see ends, to collapse and let pains land"

"hmmmm... pains like sand, in an hour glass, man's right!" the kid says "the sand ends. right Ben?" see right then, in that moment the kid can.

the Kid can be the man, and this is how he finds his way back to bed again.

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