Sunday, December 25, 2011

what is this Beyond?

I remember the beginning of this very blog in June 2009, as I was embarking on the creation of Freedom Yoga while in Hong Kong. The purpose of this Blogs birth was to understand what I was doing, this blog has become many things since.

Today I wish to again understand what it is I'm doing. The science of the world that has so deeply enriched my teaching and empowered my personal practice with meaning, is still science at the end of the day. Now as deep as science is and as interesting as it tends to be(at least to me), I find that I'm caught up in this land of intellectual entertainment. I find nothing wrong with entertainment, yet I find that this circle goes nowhere, we reach depths, curious points and connections, and always, always there is no end point, we will always go deeper, and we will always remain incomplete.

I could end the Blog right here, at a point that sounds aimless...but I won't, I'll deepen yet again, as I smile at myself for knowing better.

I keep coming back to this exchange from the writings of Paulo Coelho -‘I’ve been through all this before,’ he says to his heart.
‘Yes, you have been through all this before,’ replies his heart. ‘But you have never been beyond it.’

That's where I stop to listen to my Heart... a pause, a moment to acknowledge that yes there is a heart to converse with, and then listen to this electro-magnetic centerpiece of my personal experience.

Repose and return to the have been through all this before,’ replies his heart. ‘But you have never been beyond it

what is this 'Beyond it?' digs and discovers, the spiralic nature of nature endlessly continues, technology will advance, Human bodies will strengthen, become more flexible, quicken and so on. These are all examples of going though an experience or experiment...

I've come to a conclusion, a conclusion that is in flux like all that is true in the realm of form, that to 'go Beyond' is outside of a strategy, or a road map, it lives in the swampy reality of the serene Bliss of the heart-

Explanation, why I would consider the serene bliss of the heart a swampy reality. Serene refers to a calm peacefulness, so where does swampy fit in, well we are talking the heart, the bliss center, the dream weaver part of self, or collective that has a message to share that is outside of pragmatics...we are not robots, I'm not, I can not follow a recipe to happiness. But I can except that my stillness, my peace, my rare calm when it arises if I hold on to it, will sooner or later reveal an antithesis to serenity a fear, pain, a revelation of an inner yes i can go through it, for my practice has relentlessly presented the same scratching of the surface to me, under different disguises, a plethora of methods, a gamut of different hues within the same method, but to go beyond it, is to dive into the muck, the muddy waters to swim through the slug and have no expectations that there is a treasure at the other end, to 'go beyond' is to sign up for the fiery transformation, and allow for the fire to burn you to 'go beyond' is to know your heart so deeply that walking the tight rope of the sharpest razors edge is no match for your knowing of the bliss that vibrates within you... and do all of this with the composure of serenity...
Holding space for your dragons fire that burns within you.
that is holding space for the possibility of 'going beyond'

Once we begin to go beyond then we start again, only from a brand new starting point.

The Project.
Lawrence J


  1. I'm surprised by your premise - that we will always remain incomplete. What if, rather, we are complete, but that that fullness and potential has become veiled. That it is our practice to polish the dust off our hearts are be reminded that we are in fact whole. The idea of going beyond - it seems then like we are instead provided a capacity through self reflection in relationships to continually re-image-in the scope and size of our vessel. Rather than it being a going beyond, life experience becomes opportunity after opportunity to see how much potential is contained herein.

  2. let's burn ourselves completely in the fire of our hearts. love it LJ. thanks for writing.