Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE Bulk Part 2

Day One-

Drank, juices and soups....but i was in a big pain...to adapt to a discipline of not throwing whatever I saw in to my mouth was painful...i got through the day. Day one set up the rest of the cleanse by making it obvious to me - stay away from high energy places, if the room is loud, and full of people not being mindful, it will drain my energy and without food to use as a vice the challenge is like a storm.

Day Two-

I felt more confident, did a super strong 2 hour yoga practice and already was feeling the shift in my body, I was more open, more flexible, as well had the ability to go deep in to challenging poses, and what would have felt painful and intense, felt good, in fact i felt like rubber, (over two months later i still have that sense in my body although i have stiffened up again).
a couple of things happened that i would prepare for next time. First was in the middle of a practice and I had no idea I had a schedule change which had me teaching earlier then usually would have, luckily I was at the studio and was notified so I taught the class, 15 min late start, but taught it. A few hours later I was teaching again, and in the middle of the class I became light headed, and completely forgot where I was in my sequence of poses....scary in front of a full class, but i did save myself by, first putting my self on a mat, and using my body, not my head, and then i taught the class while adjusting students as if I was teaching a private to one person, both grounded me to the point that i finished the class strong.( both amazing tools for nervous teachers as well) Other then those two occurrences, I felt great, wasn't hungry, and always had lots of lemonade to chug....

days 3 through the end to come

the power of positive Feeling

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