Sunday, May 9, 2010

how the master cleanse changed the way my reality vibes....THE EASE IN PART 1

in the summer of 2007 I did it for 4 days... i did i for less then one day in 2008 and 2009. but in 2010 i went the distance, what did i do differently this time then times before?

1. I set a seal tight intention... I placed enough meaning into the my personal reasoning for doing the cleanse that i was unstoppable, and my reason had nothing to do with losing weight, it was about will, and discipline, I wanted to bring in both a greater amount of order and control of my actions into my life.

2. i did it with a partner, very helpful. starting the cleanse with a friend, meaning i was not alone, I had a com rad that would check on me and i would return the favour too. We didn't see each other much, less then our usual outings by allot (there was nowhere we could go that didn't have food), what we did do was have an end of the day check in to discuss the days triumph, and how we now have one less day to go till we could eat.

3 I did the lead in day with juice and soup as my first day, any juice, most soups that felt healthy...this was the hardest day, day one.
4. also i started on a full moon.

these 4 things are what was different then previous times, with that said, sometimes, it's just time, and everything else falls into place, this was one of those things...
12 days later, i walked out of the cleanse a different man...
stay tuned.
the power of positive feeling

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