Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kula Yoga Annex!!! the Toronto Studio experience Review!!

I just spent the day (Sat Oct 30) teaching two specially designed classes @ Kula Yoga Annex in Toronto. This Studio is very special to me as it embodies so much of what I believe in.

Christi-an Slomka, the Director of the Studio, has put together a space that brings together a raw mix of healing arts: from Reiki Healers that accompany restorative classes, to community acupuncture sessions, mixed in with a regular schedule of popular Anusara Inspired yoga classes, plus hot yoga options throughout each day. The place is a true Yoga studio, there to serve the needs of mostly curious University of Toronto students, and those that share passion for learning. It's a large contrast to Hong Kong's Pure Yoga crowd who has to be coaxed into expressing interest (mostly). 'Expressing' is the power word here; the Kula Annex crowd is hungry for self knowledge, and not ashamed to ask for it.

"Teaching Authentically" was my first seminar-style presentation. We went deep into the steps of rocking a class: from the energetic journey to the personal touch one could give. We easily went over the two-hour scheduled time... this is the beginning of a new kind of continuing education for yoga teachers in the making.

The evening session was a Freedom Project event called "In Rhythm Align - the Art of Moving Through Time". The class was connected and strong. We had my old friend Mike Facciolo, aka Facc, strumming the strings of his guitar and we journaled and sang in savasna ... the class was one of my favourites I've ever taught, with a theme based on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and objects' relationship in space, and how space responds and tells the objects how to be.

Solid time, solid students, solid studio.
check out the sight @ www.mykula.ca

Rock-Om rating: 5 Om's

Next Stop NYC for Kula Yoga Project and Vira Yoga

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