Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turning 2010 on it's head.

this last month has been incredible!!!
busy as well.
Oct 17-28 I led a 10 day master cleanse/yoga Program, awesome experience!!!

Oct 29-31 travelled 2 Toronto, taught 2 workshops in my home town and led a special Teaching Authentically talk with 25 of Toronto's top inspiring yoga teachers @ Kula Yoga Annex.
with no time to spare;

Nov 1st I jumped the Canada/U.S. border and landed in NYC, where I did something I've always wanted to do:

Nov 4-7 A seminar Called 'Unleash the Power Within' with Anthony Robbins, what a trip, I will get into this in greater detail in an upcoming blog entry.

Nov 10Th I returned to HK in time for the Asia Spa Awards, fun night!
and with jet lag still looming on Nov 13Th presented at the 2Nd Annual Asia Consciousness Festival, great event put together by Dr.Gino Yu and team.
I also participated in 3 inspiring workshops Joseph Lee's Storytelling, Joakim de Posada's don't eat the Marshmallow...yet! and Greg Hart's Creating Consciously.
Before the festival ended, Nov 20th I was on the Mat for my second time around with Ana Forrest; the yoga genius was in HK holding her Advanced teacher Training course which I previously completed in 2009 in Cranston, Rhode Island. 9 days of breathing deeply, while my body released mega amounts of emotional, physical, and just plain toxins.

It's non-stop the up coming year has a lot in store,
for the next 2 weeks, I'll be slowing down (slightly), teaching open classes at 7 Old Bailey Street, working with my Private Clients on their year ahead plans.
training teachers for programs that are up coming in 2011.
and on December 10Th I fly off to Bali to honor an agreement I made with Desa Seni Village Resort where I'm excited to be teaching a full schedule of classes for the Xmas New Years period and beyond.

Freedom Project is Happening.
send all and any feedback and or questions to thefreedomyogaproject@gmail.com

The Full Pure-Yoga Story coming shortly.

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