Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Heart Warriors the Year End intensive. freedom Yoga

The ideal situation for really understanding another is not so much how a person reacts to extreme stress, but rather how he or she suffers the vulnerability of falling in Love.- Aldo Carontenuto

I have some amazingly brave souls that are continuously showing up to meet a deeper part of themselves everyday.
With my trip to Bali approaching fast, I put together a special 5 day year end Journey called 'From Liberation to Manifestation', a trip through your Chakras to materialize your life.

Developed with the year end in mind, this is an express intensive, 5, 1 hour classes dedicated to opening up the group and individual perspective in time to get the most of the transition into 2011.

On day one we vibrated through the Crown and Third Eye Chakra's, Journalling about that which we know yet still choose to ignore, the asana was strong and led to head stand at the end.

Day two we moved through our throats and our expressive truth, the 5th Chakra. Toasted Legs, and cooled it all down with some lions breaths, explored anger, as I personalized by sharing some angry moments/perspectives I held as an employee with Pure Yoga, and how the company at least while I was under contract treated staff.

Tomorrow is the third of 5 days. Anahata, the heart Chakra, my favourite.
Tomorrow's 12:30 pm class will end with a process I love to do called 'Heart staking.'

In the weeks ahead what to Look forward to:
-The Last three days of Liberation to Manifestation
-teaching In Bali
-I'm Writing an article for a Yoga Magazine about the Master cleanse/Yoga program
-More About Ana Forrest Advanced TT
-More about Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within and the personal development industry
-Video Blogging

Rock OM

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