Monday, January 9, 2012

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I think back to a moment I shared with Desiree Rumbaugh, the Legendary Anusara Teacher, It was June 2008, I was her chaperon, for the Asia Yoga Conference, I picked her up from the airport, and escorted her into a cab to the Hotel … As we cruised through Hong Kong early morning traffic, I introduced Des to my reasons for Loving Ana Forrest, I told her, the work she does reminds me of the transformational time I spent studying acting. How emotional trauma gets lock in our Bodies and continues to create a powerful deflecting mechanism for any future similar traumas (perceived or actual) that might come up. Ana demands a relaxation of major muscles areas, like ribs and Neck, a fierce deepening of the breath, and a commitment to look at the parts of yourself that just can’t be seen or the conscious mind has developed immunity too. I explained to her the intensity, I shared the powerful psychic, emotional and physical releases that I’ve experienced in my body and within those around me, and I was hopping that she could find an Anusara path to the same release, specifically the emotional, although all are representations of the others.

She was jet-lagged, yet quick to answer, ‘we do it through themeing’ she explained, Now both then and now I’m a licenced Anusara-inspired teacher, and themeing is one of my favourite things about the sophisticated practice, the most talented ‘themers’ are genius, Des is one of them, But NO that’s not enough, a good theme may inspire but the frequency of breakthrough that I’m drawn to is experienced in the frame work of the body. In respect to energy level, I eased the conversation, to small talk…and eventually it dissolved to ‘see you in class tomorrow’

Josie and I are excited to take the participants of the Core Intensive, to the depth of the shadow, to pause for long enough to make space for breath and reintroduce ourselves to the parts of ourselves we have made a strong habit of avoiding.

This is not one method over another, hardly; in fact it’s a celebration of every thing that resonates to build a solid foundation for progression. The Principles of Alignment, and the tantric philosophy, as a part of the quilt, interwoven with Depth of breath and mining the Core with empathic skill, that’s not where our skills end…it’s just the inspiration for what brought us together.

The teaming up makes sense because we are both interested in this work within ourselves, I can speak for myself, as I share how often I miss the mark, repeatedly, repeatedly standing up, and continuously mining that neurological tunnel from ego to eternal essence, from mind to spirit, from Left brain to Right brain, from distraction to the Heart of the Matter.

This is the practice, to notice the pain/fear, and welcome it, to champion it ‘s right to exist, in the process, tip toeing closer and closer till the monster that began the day locked up in a cage with miles of beware signs warning your proximity to the beast finally reveals itself as a accomplice in the art of free living.

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