Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Toronto Teaching Reminder

I have decided to Join Ahimsa and Kula Annex in this Yogically magnetic node in the Annex by making this Announcement.

I want to thank Kula Annex for Introduction to this Platform in Toronto for almost two years. I now am moving on, humbly, thank you.

There is a sweet little Yoga space that holds about 12 mats that is called Twisted... (love the name) it's in the Annex on 509 Bloor St. West, Toronto.

Here is the run down, Twisted is charging me $15 dollars an hour to rent, My regular rate for teaching group classes is anywhere between $80-$100 and an hour and up.

so I'm setting up a 'Pay What You Can' with a suggested minimum donation of $15.

I've taught away from the studio system before in Hong Kong after leaving Pure Yoga, and i realize it takes time for students to change their habits, I need to honor my time, and this is a reasonable exchange.

I'm going to be teaching 3 classes a week to start with and adding daytime classes as well, while I'm in Toronto, the classes are beginning the first week of March, first class will be Tuesday the 6th.

My class times at Twisted will be

Tuesdays at 7:30pm-9pm

Wednesdays at 4pm-5:30pm

Fridays at 4pm-5:45pm

I will also add day time classes based on requests from students

You can expect all my heart, passion and creativity to burst out in this step towards building understanding of how to be independent in our practice and ultimately in our lives off the mat.

I'm excited and scared, this is a humble step towards being a walking example that there is more yoga then the system, and there is more then the studio system.

Lawrence Jacob Milman

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